How did it start?

During sailing season, I spent my weekends on the lakes. Two days on the water allowed me to catch wind in my sails, to store it, for the rest of the week. Change your perspective, clear your mind and make room for new projects. This is important in an architect's work.

I was mooring my boat in the Mikolajki harbor. Over the years, more and more people started coming to the town, it became fashionable. A lot of events were organized, it became entertaining and loud. And me, after a whole week of work in Warsaw, I needed quiet time and rest. I got an offer to buy a plot of land with a house, in a small village the name of which - Stare Sady - brought to mind a taste of summer. I didn't hesitate for a moment. 6 km from Mikolajki is far enough to have peace and quiet and yet close to entertainment, restaurants, stores and port. This is how the log-built Villa Morela appeared, owing its name to the color of the wood, which in the sunlight takes on an apricot hue.

However, the house proved too big for two people who spent most of the day on the yacht. I decided to rent it out to summer visitors and build a small house for myself nearby. Morela was in high demand. Guests were happy with the vacation. I liked this way of relating to people. I've grown to like hosting guests the way I've grown to like building and decorating homes. And then I started combining both passions. A semi-detached house was built and I lived in it while my cottage was being built. Its half-timbered construction, which is very decorative, was shown in the interiors. I decorated them to be bright, soft and warm. I really enjoyed living there so the name Mila came naturally. The other twin became Mela to match the pair. I started offering them to guests in 2017.

I settled down in Stare Sady, got to know my neighbors, spent here not only weekends, but whole months. I bought another plot of land from a neighbor. I heard from her "I will only sell it to you!" So I thought I would expand my rental offerings and built (I couldn't help myself) three log homes with different sized apartments.

In the garden that connects them, guests can drink coffee on the grass and relax in hammocks.
All houses and apartments have well-equipped kitchens, but guests have asked about breakfast. This is how Bistro was created, where you can now have not only breakfast, but also lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The culmination of the work will be the beach - after all, we are on a lake. Sand, the sound of water, grass under a blanket, deck chairs and something to swim in. But it's not over yet...

I cordially invite you to my Sady - a place designed for relaxation.

Magdalena Binder